четверг, 11 декабря 2014 г.

Boots hunting

Much comfort is overwhelming, so there is no way I'm gonna struggle to look fashionable in disfavour of personal well-being.
With a home-trip ahead of us, supposing a considerable walking path, I want to get my feet comfy'.
And for that I'll shop for some season boots.
I want smth neat, sweet amd warm.
I also get pretty discomforted in the airplanes and believe or not, but I'm taking my trip attire very seriously. I do not feel good on the airplane, and in order to reduce all the pressure from controllable outting, I choose what to wear very wisely.
 And beaing able to get my feet out of boots in a click while being unable to bent or lean over in a fastened belt, I need to secure my options and comfort:)
So here are my top three choises:

We'll see what comes out of these Boot Hunting:)

среда, 10 декабря 2014 г.

Counting the blessings

Each day I'm thankfull for the life above and beyond our Planet.
Each day I'm thankfull for all the people that create such a perfect way of existence.
Each day I'm thankfull for all the beauty that one can see everywhere.
Beautiful Earth, beautiful people, beautiful emotions directed by Love to the ALL.
Each day I pray for people to open the eyes and see amazing world outside.

пятница, 5 декабря 2014 г.

Aerial Straps, Darkan, Circus du Soleil


Once I saw this play-act at a french TV channel, while being on due at Hotel. I knew only that is was Circus du Soleil. It took me about 3 days to find the song artist and amazing DARKAN on Aerial Straps.

Love that song since that time.

OMG! That body and will power I could only wish for!

понедельник, 1 декабря 2014 г.

Paradise Lasting Finish Lipstick in RIMMELland

No make-up skills ever will allude a master in me. I just know how hard is to find affordable product of your pleasure, especially in make-up, because we are so different and have different preferences.
My another pitch for the lipsticks is Lasting Finish Lipstick from RIMMEL.
Actually, no wonder I'm all about RIMMEL. We first came in contact back in my University times in Romania. It was never available in my country, so I was very happy to return my courtesy toward it again here.
Back to my lip *paradice* tips. This rouge is consistent, heavy in structure - that is very fortunate for cold winter outsides walks. The color is matte, covering entirely natural lip nuance.
My verdict is a GO,GO aproach. I might try some more advanced colors later, for now a good nude is my option:)

воскресенье, 30 ноября 2014 г.

Rouge Charmant Vivenne Sabo

I decided to finish my history of using lip glosses that expect me to wear a lip brush alongside myself all the time. So I've opted for a lipstick instead. And great was my amusement.
I simply love this one. Rouge Charmant charmed me instantly.
Glossy structure, fine sparkles, pitchy aroma - OMG! I have to have all the colors of it:)
Please listen to my happy lips and enjoy this lip charmer:)

среда, 26 ноября 2014 г.

Gone thoughts about Gone Girl.

Twisted minds conclude in a whirled life line. There is time we should admit that fisrt 10 impressions are always wrong and the reality is far away from the Paradise oblivion.
Leave, love and contemplate the perspective that was created for you by somebody else - that's the mistake we are all entrusted in.
Just forget and forgive, you'll get what you deserve at the end anyway... always!

P.S. It's all about the book. I haven't seen the movie, nor am I sure I want or will.

-        Well, there are all kind of men…and you are the wrong kind.
-        Nick is like a good stiff drink: he gives everything the correct perspective.
-        I like the best about him, the way he makes me. Not the way he makes me feel, just makes me.
-        Delaware, the state of many rich identities.
-        It’s our one-year anniversary and I am fat with love, even though people kept telling and telling us the first year was going to be so hard, as if we were naïve children marching off to war.
-        So the lobsters are a perfect in-between, the lobsters are what everyone tells us that marriage is about: compromise!
-        You’d literally lie, cheat and steal – hell, kill, - to convince you are a good guy.
-        … they thought more before nine a.m. that most people thought all month.
-        … a bulb of beer and cigarettes and fried-egg odor attached to him, a placenta of stink.
-        People have to do awful things for money.
-        I never thought I’d be the kind of woman who’d be told to fuck herself by her husband.
-        The kind of guys who were born without the fear gene, imperious to pain.
-        I was embodiment of every writer’s worst fear: a cliché.
-        You know that old cliché : Men want her, and women want to be her.
-        But I don’t understand the point of being together if you’re not the happiest.
-        If you can’t take care of me while I’m alive, you have made me dead anyway.
-        Ironic people always dissolve when confronted with earnestness, it’s their kryptonite.
-        I watched that clip so much, I was in danger of borrowing a British accent.

- Love makes you want to be a better man. But maybe love, real love, also gives you permission to just be the man you are.
- There's a difference between really loving someone and loving the idea of her.
- Sleep is like a cat: It only comes to you if you ignore it.
- My mother had always told her kids: if you're about to do something, and you want to know if it's a bad idea, imagine seeing it printed in the paper for all the world to see.

- Because every morning you have to wake up and be you

- I don't understand the point of being together if you're not the happiest.

- Because isn’t that the point of every relationship: to be known by someone else, to be understood? He gets me. She gets me. Isn’t that the simple magic phrase?

- I was told love should be unconditional. That's the rule, everyone says so. But if love has no boundaries, no limits, no conditions, why should anyone try to do the right thing ever? If I know I am loved no matter what, where is the challenge? I am supposed to love Nick despite all his shortcomings. And Nick is supposed to love me despite my quirks. But clearly, neither of us does. It makes me think that everyone is very wrong, that love should have many conditions. Love should require both partners to be their very best at all times. 

четверг, 30 октября 2014 г.

Arthur Hailey "Airport"

BY the time I was working at the hotel, my *the one and only authority in reading aka DAD* recommended Hotel by A. Hailey. I was blown away for a couple of days. It was me living in that Huge hotel and taking part af all the action in the book.
Now the "Airport" came into my life. Knowing the author relieved me of any asumptions, and what was left - made me only enjoy the book.
Now, of the book:
I feel more gaining when a book has several story lines. Connected or not, it's always captivating to watch  a few actions at a time. At least for me. I think it's goes deep in the roots of my multifunctionality...)))
As I was speaking - That huge machinery, called Airport, is a spinning wheel of faith. It's a structure beyond the bulding, and the life maker beyond the structure. And the moste tempered, calculated, grounded person in all this croud calvar is Mel. My type of male. Well-doing person and good-willing mind got me.
Another mascule I would allow myself to adore is Joe Patroni. Raw carismatic professional, loveable husband and man of a Promise.He is a trouble-shooter and a reliable person. It takes a *Joe Patroni* to get things done. And that's a life rule at the Airport.
My not so much Crush Nominee goes to another good God creature Keith - selfconcious, sacrify oriented, heart person. My prayers were with him all the time and I'me revigorated that the happy end enlighted his soul.
And of course - Ada - that little devil of the airport flights. This Lady was really getting on my nervs. She was the one who enjoyed her own lies, so that's a big NO fo me. Seeming so innocent and harmless, but always calculated, Ada is a caracter of disturbance.

More than a good book for me! Read it!

#book title: Airport #author: Arthur  Hailey<< Those were going to take a lot of working out, if they could be worked out at all, and there was a limit to the number of complications a man could handle at one time.
<< London is the kind of inefficient mess which only the English can create."
<< there aren't many takers---eligible ones---for used bride with baby."
<< You could lose communication in other ways besides the spoken word.
<< at times he had the impression that her little hands reached up and gathered stars of truth.
<< Is there any fat rush?" "Not really," Mel said. "Any time in the next half hour will do."
<< old enough to be experienced, young enough to be taught a thing or two and to get excited,
<< Sexually, Lionel was a dying duck.
<< An airline flight from any major terminal is, in effect, like a river joining the sea.
<< recently he had taken to throwing paint on canvas, then riding over it with a child's tricycle.
<< "I already warned my men. They'll make with the jokes and save the jujitsu."
<< When the girl looked at him directly, Guerrero---who was seldom affected by women---had the feeling he was going to melt. She also had the biggest tits he had ever seen.
<< and if Cindy had been able to choose a moment for dying, because nothing afterward could ever be that moment's equal, she would have chosen then.
<< He had long ago recognized that in life there were gambits which you won, others that you lost.
<< And what was true here was true elsewhere.

среда, 29 октября 2014 г.

The Fault in Our Stars - John Green

“I’m in love with you,” he said quietly.
“Augustus,” I said.
“I am,” he said. He was staring at me, and I could see the corners of his eyes crinkling. “I’m in love with you, and I’m not in the business of denying myself the simple pleasure of saying true things. I’m in love with you, and I know that love is just a shout into the void, and that
oblivion is inevitable, and that we’re all doomed and that there will come a day when all our labor has been returned to dust, and I know the sun will swallow the only earth we’ll ever have, and I am in love with you.”

I just cannot stop reading it...

понедельник, 20 октября 2014 г.

The Phantom of The Opera musical

I give it all to the chandelier!!!
 That was my first musical experience and for the moment I feel good that I've watched the movie before. I'll try to do otherwise next time to see if there's any point in listening to the lyrics.
Now back to our circus:) Of course the English/original vesion of songs suits me better, but russian adapation is great. And I do think if you really want to shiver *The Phantom of The Opera is here* through yourself, you have to listen to it interpreted by an Orchestra. It is impresive and outrageous. Be-lie-ve me!
Now, about the Theatre itself - the Scenery were so*Grande* that I was waiting to see what will be next on stage.
So, my verdict is - it's worth a try!

Good deads.

Everything that sounds fun and brings some good vibe to people and Planet can have me on their side. That's the motivation for our *Plant a tree* day. It was more than one afterall, but the experience was great. Field air, new people, everyone smiling and willing to help each other. That's the enturage I'm surrounding myself with.
You should dare too!

Rimmel and Lashes

Actually, this was my choise for the *justincaseIdon't have my main mascara*. And it turned out to be great. It separates, longs and defines my lashes. I love it. Not heavy, has my option of brown color, looks very natural.

понедельник, 6 октября 2014 г.

MAKS 2013/archives

Since the photo card gets filled up every day, I decided to post some of the adventures. That's the last Year MAKS. What a show!!! That's my second attendance and I plan to do it each time I can. And the pictures are awesome.
It was heavily raining day. BUT I would bear it all in order to hear MIG's ROAR. Shivers on my spine, smile all the way and family around. It was a great time spending.

среда, 17 сентября 2014 г.

Arthur Hailey "Airport"

On a personal level, another report said that Joe Patroni made love to his wife,
Marie, most nights, the way other men enjoyed a pre-dinner drink. This was true. In
fact, he had been thus engaged when the telephone message came from the airport
about the mired Aéreo-Mexican jet which TWA had been asked to help extricate.
The same rumor continued: Patroni made love the same way he did everything
else––with a long, thin cigar stuck jauntily in the side of his mouth. This was untrue,
at least nowadays. Marie, having coped with several pillow fires during their early
years of marriage––drawing on her training as a TWA air hostess to extinguish them––
had emphatically forbidden any more cigars in bed. Joe complied with the edict
because he loved his wife. He had reason to. When he married her, she was probably
the most popular and beautiful hostess in the entire airline system, and twelve years
and three children later she could still hold her own with most successors. There were
some who wondered aloud why Marie––who had been pursued ardently by captains
and first officers––had ever chosen Joe Patroni at all. But Joe, even as a young
maintenance foreman, which he was when they met, had a way with him, and had
kept Marie satisfied––in all important ways––ever since.

More and more in love with this book:)

понедельник, 8 сентября 2014 г.

пятница, 5 сентября 2014 г.

Flower Family

My house is in full BLOSSOM. And it is so welcoming and eyespoiling. Each day new emotions with each new flower.
We love flowers and what could be a better payback than a blossom:)
Love Love!!

My hubs children:)

Hubby's pepper:)