понедельник, 28 июля 2014 г.

50 shades of love and hate

Dear every person that read/didn't read this book!

Let's all step aside the fact that we loved the book and we hated it. A calm look will do a better job.
I think the book is good. It's good 'cause for me there's nothing wrong in *love always wins* core. It does.
A few matters I would like to ckeck out in the book rewind.

 - The World is full of simple, gentle, sweet and lovely ladies that are smart, captive and innocent. And the World is spinning around due to their pure love. I do perfectly understand Ana(stacia) and her inofensive will of paying for herself and not recieve expensive gifts. Some people are raised like that. It is correct. If you are independent, intelligent and straightforwarded, you believe in your own powers and live within your beliefs and possibilities. You're pure and all your thought are like this.

-The World is full of powerfull, successful, *handsome as Hell* young men. They have everything they could wish for, except sincere love, cause they don't know they need it or that it exists. I mean they just nead real simple feelings, something beyond rivarly, competition, anger, challenge etc. Down to Earth feeling. Because we are people with the same psychological basics.

-I did not get the Great fuzz regarding the *X scenes. Too much? Not at all. Each of us has own preferences and as long as it satisfies both of the lovers, everything is in the limits of their own passion. He loved it because of a completely different reasons, she was brought to a new world of existance and she embraced it step by step. His love made him step forward to her wishes, her love made them meet in the middle of his desires.

- And about that fight, when he finds out that she's pregnant and comes home completely waisted: What a woman in love does? She takes his cloths off, puts him to bed and all her thoughts are about the fact that no matter where was he, with whom and why - she loves him. And she'll deall with all the sadness tommorow.
Basically, that's also my way of dealing with family quarells. I am mad, sad, unhappy, but all this with only one thought on my mind. I love him and I always will.

A love reading is always a Win-Win for me:)

понедельник, 21 июля 2014 г.

Back to beauty!

I felt I should let the World know about these great discoveries I've made recently in the beauty make-up shop.
First of all, let me remind you that I'm not an *everydaywearingmymakeup* person. I have too little time in the morning for that, I have yoga classes 3 times a week and I don't have time to wash it away before the workout etc. I even finally decided to get rid of all my make-up stuff, because it was expired long ago and was more of a memory than of use to me.
But this weekend my hubs expressed (again) his desire to see my nails polished with red, my lips also in red and so it went on. We entered the beauty store, I've directed him to the labels I prefere and he chose.
And I am happy with the result.  I really am.
My impressions on the products are about to follow.
1. Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss.
 I love this red lipstick. It's a real Matte, lasts long enough, good and colorfull structure and I do like the smell and the taste.

2. Volume Glamour Max Holidays Green Lagoon Mascara from Bourjois.
Both of us were intrigued by the color and we decided to give it a try. I was a little bit reserved as whether I want to use it for work or not. But I dared (as I usually do) and got pleased! The color is gentle, you cannot even define it from a far away distance. It looks great on lashes, not to heavy and gives a pleasent nuance to my green eyes. It's a definite GO mascara!

3. Queen Attitude Volume Mascara frum Bourjois.
I've taken that one, because it was the only one in brown. And the major point that striked me is that it washes away with water and with NO TEARS! My eyes are too sensible to all of the make up and I always get some burns in the eyes when I remove mascara/shades etc. This one is perfect. Gentle volume, natural look. Just what I wanted.

My great 'thanks to all of this products! They've made my husband happy and pleased me a lot!!!

Yoga Bliss!

I don't know why, how and when from do I get such a blessing each time I'm having Yoga classes. This Vedalife Festival circled me into a 3h yoga practice and BOY...it was hard. And even so, I would do it again. Great pleasure arises from your body after that tremendous amount of work.
Happy face, neat and flexible body, clear conscious.
Just try it.

пятница, 4 июля 2014 г.

Peep talk about *Beep* book

It is real like the Sun, Earth and us. The text is real, the feelings are real, the moves are real. I kinda get frustrated when after aproaching some people with the offer to read this book, I am turned away by their prejudice.
Oh, C'mon! I liked the book, I've read the second one and I am defenitely waiting for the third one!
If one cannot read a *different* book, how can you dare and wait for great thing in life? Don't you know that extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people?
I lived this book in one evening, the second one - in one day, the third takes even more time - beacuse of the relase date:)
Like all the good americans would say: "Get out of the box":)