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вторник, 16 апреля 2013 г.

The Phantom of the Marathon

They say be careful what you wish for, it might come true, but no one really points out that your wish should carefully  be thought of.
All my concerns about Cosmofest 2013 were to get there in time, ‘cause it’s almost an hour trip by train and highway high-speed driving through Moscow.
I’ve asked all the odds to occur as a help only in the way of my wish to be in time.
And we were in time. People were greeting each other, making acquaintances, dressing in the style of universe and nothing really interesting was going on at the moment.
As we woke up late, our breakfast was never a question, so we’ve asked how much time to we have till the bike marathon and having more than 30 min ahead we left for the coffee.
And with that decision we actually finalized our participation in this event, ‘cause when we were back – everyone left. We were late for the startJ
No doubt our pride wouldn’t let us to quit that easily, o we’ve chased the phantom of the marathon for half an hour just through the city, going on intuition, ‘cause our late morning wake up actually advanced our rush – and we forgot the Marathon detailed map as well.
As there were no signs of any other participants, we just took our time and enjoyed our ride. Actually, my hubs did enjoy it, while I was mixing my adrenalin with my patience. Can you imagine being on the bike in a highway for the first time? f Lots o gas from flying nearby carsJ
After all, it was an amazing experience, which has made its way through my veins. So I’m in it now.
Still more speed to conquer and more km to gain on boardJ
P.S. By the way – as per total – we’ve had around 50 km of bike ride – that is a lot of the huge of the ever I have doneJ

вторник, 9 апреля 2013 г.

Life in colors)

It is good to check the  places around here. So many adventures colors.
Love the shine of light in everything)
Neighborhood colors. 

My beauty)

My sweet little hommies are tryin' their best to make me happy each morning, so that is the marvelous beauty I have on our window for the moment.
Still more to come))

And so we ride)

As waiting for spring might take an eternity, we've decided to try my bike anyway)) Nice ride with my hubs, love the bike and the smiles it gives us))

A good note for every family: Try to have at least one common hobby, there isn't any other better love glue than family lought))

воскресенье, 7 апреля 2013 г.

Life rides

I fancy the fact that we have a lot of common wishes with my hubs.
 And one of'em is to ride the bikes all over the world...well..this might take an eternity, but at least we can start from nearer places. So my hubs gave me that fantastic bike. And, so that you know, it's not like I'm spilling the beans - but the weather keeps that beauty at home for a few days already and it seems like the further forecast isn't joyful at all.
I've promised towait for better days, but sometimes I cannot help myself.
Stay tuned))

пятница, 5 апреля 2013 г.

Paradise bird - moving on)

  I never thought I would be able to get it done, I still think the same way, but... it's in process of becoming from false a true acomplishment. There is still more 2/3 to be done and I do get tired and bored of it each day, nevertheless my hands are stitching.
It takes you some balls to get a longterm project done and I'm on it.

Little important things)

We defenitely need small cutties to cheer our life. So I upgrade my chalkboard cup's status almost everyday.
It is fun and makes my hubs lough))

My vegan sandwich)) So tasty and so in the morning mood.