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понедельник, 24 октября 2016 г.

Sir Lancelot's dress

- In a long red waistcoat who used to come among the fashion with dogs on several strings, and try to sell one to his mother : King Charles spaniels, Italian greyhounds, afiecrionate to hei crinoline — you never saw them now.
- There were his pet bronzes — a Cleopatra with the asp at her breast; a Socrates ; a greyhound playing with her puppy ; a strong man reining in some horses.

  I was very surprised to find that italian greyhounds were mentioned in Galsworthy's The Forsyte Saga. I mean, wow, that is so colossal, now, that we have one. It will also be encouraging to find a book, where ridgbacks are mentioned, but that will be another story for some other day.
  Althought our Sir Lancelot is destined to be brought up as a ferocious male, he is so affectionate, sociable and good-natured that of course  as a rigorous knitter I decided to warm him up.
  As a rule, I don't use any pattern and do it just as it goes. And it works. This time I triple-threaded the vest, so it's a bit heavy for him at the moment and he feels unstable in it, but my boy will get on with it as soon as cold days will hit him.
Lancelot even was so  merciful, that he agreed to pose for a few seconds while I was trying to picture my work and before the camera died because of the battery.
Our sweet male of the family gives you XOXO.

среда, 19 октября 2016 г.

Creative sale shopping

Living in a big city makes you run on a constant bases. I really enjoy it, because I get to do a million things and hobbies on my runs.
On the other side, it quite personalized my style and way of handling things. For ex, I don't have time for a planned quality shopping, that's why my running tracks are mostly on the same path, and whenever a sale gets in my view spot, I run into it.
I love sale, because it's a way of getting a good priced item that you'll most likely will transform and won't be sorry in case you fail.
Thus I keep my creative hobbies on fire and it's a great boost of energy, when you pick up smth and already know what you want to make out of it.
I avoid to consider myself a trendy person, or the one who handles well the style. I am all about comfort. So here is my point for this blog post, of course I get mostly dresses that are too short for my taste and sometimes for my legs as well.
I have a few cool refreshed dresses that I need to picture on a Sunny day, but also I have a few ones, that I don't seem to wish to update.
Here comes my new obession. Long sleeveless vest. One is on a knitting project in a moment and if all comes admirable. I'll go on with some of my further ideas with crocket vests.
In case you wonder, I took some inspiration from pinterest. But the main treasured ideas came from WAGS LA. I just followed some curvy chicks that know how to shape themselves miraculously in a fabric.

Wait and in a vest.

среда, 12 октября 2016 г.

Cafe del Mar!

New beginnings!
Although I'm deeply in Forsyte Saga and vest knitting, cross stitch is always on my mind. I do try not to start a lot of projects at once. But those hands are so triggered by those eyes.
Hope to finalize at least some of my works and get some nice pictures, now that I'm on some strong gear.

суббота, 8 октября 2016 г.

Zarafa Sauvignon Blanc 2015

New World's wines are a descovery for me.I am so patrioticly wine educated and orientated, that it makes my mind to question my senses whenever there's new soul grapes on the table.
Straw freshness in color, and an avangard of black currant leaf in taste.Tropical fruits, slightly lemonish, folowed by a sowerness in post taste. Vivid acidity that accommodates you after few sips.
XOXO Enjoyed!

пятница, 7 октября 2016 г.

Dress to impress!

Enjoyed pretty much this incredible story. I longed for an impressive movie and was satisfied till the very toes of mine.
Got a feeling it has same energy as Malena. Just a bit more unpleased with the love story.
I am an incurable seaker of happy endings in love and in my mind the final is the one I picture.
Get movingly satisfied,