среда, 25 июня 2014 г.


It's good to have friends who are on the same page with you. One of my colleagues is also  in sewing habit and after visiting fabric warehouse last week we challenged each other for a new DIY piece.
I won!!
I worked till late at night, but got it done:)
Here is my white summer skirt!

More to come!!!

среда, 18 июня 2014 г.

International Museum Night

This Year we've made a modest plan to visit only 2 museums, but even this small number failed. Moscow is too big, and museums are far far away from each other.
Thus we reached only The Cognac Museum. I did really like the organisation of this event. Little crowd was managed appropriately, short lines, many groups and souvenirs at the end. Great!
But, I did not enjoy the Museum itself. I mean, it was nice, but I've expected some "neverheardbeforestories" and records from Guinness book at least...Nothing of that. They've reproduced a french village house with the explanation of how the gem was done and what cupboard was used at that time. I have that kind of "design" at home, seen it at grandma's etc.
I think others enjoyed, so it's a good museum for some uf us:)

Behind the scenes/uncensored version:)

Counting Stars...

I count our happiness in seconds. The ones we live in this very moment!!!

My love hates Selfies and adores me:)

вторник, 3 июня 2014 г.

One day on Sunday

There is no excuse for not going outside, when the weather is so welcoming.
And Sunday is the only day we can spend on careless fun and joy. We are so lucky to have a sweet little piece of lake on a distance of 10 min bike ride from our place. And so it's the main destination for gentle Sun bathing and little swimming.
I was longing for a greenary sightseeing and as always, made a stop at each type of blossom that was into my way. And I will never get enough of beautiful nature.
Me, my love and our friend went for a midday break to the lake. Got taned, tired of fresh air and bbq and happy with pictures I've captured:)