понедельник, 30 апреля 2012 г.

How to transform a hot day at work into fun:)

There is only one thing that could make me happy on a hot day at office. A present. Especially when it's from UK!
Thanks to an amazing person who did not forget my request:)

суббота, 28 апреля 2012 г.

Saturday Sunshine

Saturday traditionally was used as a cleaning time back in my childhood. And it's not bad even these days. I like to rearrange stuff and to bring more "nesty" feelings into the place. And some flowers are always the best way to do it:)

пятница, 27 апреля 2012 г.

The skin I live in.

A controversial movie about Evil that creates Evil  for the Good reasons. It might take some time to turn off your mind and just use your vision for a creative perception of a beautiful actress and great love scenes with Antonio.
I'm def on all the next Almodovar's movies.

четверг, 26 апреля 2012 г.

Balcony Gardening:)

Just a quick update of my balcony Garden:) All the seeds are feeling pretty provocative so I have a lot of babies to take care of:)

All these images come of different species of seeds and it's not all I have:)
Just need a little bit more time to  arrange some others in the Sun.

четверг, 19 апреля 2012 г.

From stitching to tailoring:)

Look who's tailoring now!! Me. me .me. That was one of my longterm wishes and I finally get it done:)
Cloths design might be boring, but it definitely worth the studies.
I am doing my own skirt. Two side colored:) That will be crazy, but it's me we are talking about. I think I'll get a picture of me in it next week.
SO stay tune and see what else you can sew for your Home nest:)

Picknick time:)

Stiti ce poate sa ma motiveze sa ma trezesc cu noaptea in cap, si nedormita/nemachiata sa apar le servici pe la o martea de dimineata?? - Un foc in gradina.
Pe o vreme ploioasa, cum se anuntase pe weekend, mama ne-a zis sa adunam toate lemne sub acoperis, sa nu cumva ploia sa le ude, si ce era mai voluminos am dus si noi, dar faramitituri de nimikuri nu prea am avut chef sa le strangem Si uite face face mintea ingenioasa a Mariei Mele, ii zic fratelui meu - hai sa facem foc. Prosto tak. Dar am si un frate tare chibzuit si flamand tot timpul care nu se lasa si imediat trece la mama cu propunerea de a face si niste pulpe.
 Unde-s pulpele pentru frate-meu, acolo-i si peste pentru mine si cartofiori pentru toti:))
Unde-i focul-> acolo si Soarele. Ma bucur foarte tare ca am reusit sa ma bronzez si sa mai raman putin in acasa:)

Cam asa a inceput totul:)
Cam asa continuare a avut:)
Spre finalul ospatului a mai aparut lume si s-a descarcat bateria la aparat foto, asa ca ramaneti in deplina functie a fanteziei Dvs:)

Home Easter.

Easter Holidays at home are full of Happiness, Joy and fun.
My Dad is all about happiness, if you want me to be happy, if you want everyone to be happy - bring my father on. He is that person! He is amazing in making people comfortably happy.
Our Family Joy is in the Air all due to my mom. We are happy to be a family and she is the one responsible to make the word" Family" sound very important to us.
And Fun..It's Bill (aka my brother). It's LOLs all day long, all life long.
And me- the one in care of the photos below:))

четверг, 12 апреля 2012 г.

Is it better to be a loving son or a loving mother?

She was a perfect mother for her children. He was a perfect son for his parents. It was an endless family love that kept all their heart feelings away.
Great love in a family dimension may transform you in an inappropriate male for a relationship and so it was with Paul. He was so consumed by his mother, that no wings were left for Miriam. Gentle, sweet and caring Miriam, that was always by his side took over Paul only after he was nothing. A BIG nothing.
But that's not the whole story, so make sure you read the details.

An as usual, some of my notes out of this book:
Sons and Lovers
*She knew that the man who steps on the way home from works is on a quick way to ruining himself and his home.
*He had denied the God in him.
*You feel safe enough and vain enough in a crowd. But take care and see how you feel when you find yourself alone, and in triumph.
*They’re large in promises, but it’s precious little fulfillment you get.
*The man was the work and the work was the man, one thing, for the time being. It was different with the girls. The real woman never seemed to be there at the task, but as if left out, waiting.
*If you like it, alter it, if you can’t alter it, put up with it.
*Not such a clown shall anger me,
  A boor is answered silently.
*Nothing is as bad, as a marriage that’s a hopeless failure.
*I should have watched the living, not the dead.
*Sometimes life takes hold of one, carries the body along, accomplishes one’s history, and yet is not real, but leaves oneself as it were slurred over.
*Being a man isn’t everything.
*I’m like a pig’s tail. I curl because I cannna help it.
*When the pain is over, the remembrance of it often becomes a pleasure.
*But even your joy is like a flame coming off of sadness.
*She might have been one of the women who went with Mary when Jesus was dead.
*She is one of those, who will want to suck a man’s soul out till he has none of his own left – and he is just such a gaby as to let himself to be absorbed.
*Love begets love.
*A soldier! – A common soldier! – Nothing but a body that makes movements when it hears a shout!
*-Why don’t you praise me up to the sky? – I should have the trouble of dragging you down again, - she said.
*My bones fair just out on me.
*He was thin as a starved rat.
*Love laughs at sludge.
*Hers was the strongest tie in his life.
*She held the keys to his soul.
*It was not his furies, but his quiet resolutions that she feared.
*A woman, when she is in travail, hath sorrow because her hour is come. – Bible.
*She believed that there were in him desires for higher things and desires for lower, and that the desire for the higher would conquer.
*When she fights for herself she seems like a dog before a looking glass, gone into a mad fury with its own shadow.
*Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust. If Lord won’t have you, the Devil must.
*Young girls are like that. They look forward to the fine home they think they’ll have. But I had expensive furniture. It’s not everything.
*But I say if a man is genuine, as he is, and a girl is fond of him – then – it should be all right. He’s as good as she.
*A son’s my son till he takes him a wife. But my daughter’s my daughter the whole of her life.
*That’s a woman’s whole doctrine for life- ease of soul and physical comfort.
*So long as life’s full, it doesn’t matter whether it’s happy or not.
*If the woman wasn’t fools, the men wouldn’t be bad uns.
*A house of woman is as dead as a house with no fire.
*Well my lad, you did it yourself, now you must make the best out of it.
*It was a bitter thing to her to be put aside by life, as if it had no use for her.
*There is so little likehood of my ever being given a choice that I haven’t wasted time considering.
*I want a woman to keep me, but not in her pocket.
*There is one thing in marriage that’s always dreadful, but you have to bear it.
*It has been one long battle between us – you fighting away from me.
*She’s such a queen in her way.
*Miriam’s affair was like a fire fed on books – if there were no more volumes it would die out.
*It’s only once in the bluest of blue moons.
*I should think she boxes your ears.
*The aristocracy is really a military institution.
*You consider your own affairs, and don’t know so much about other people’s.
*that’s just what a woman is. She thinks she knows what’s good for a man, and she’s going to see he gets it and no matter if he’s starving, he may sit on a whistle for what he needs, while she’s got him, and is giving him what’s good for him.
*Love’s a dog in a manger.
*They want me like mad, but they don’t want to belong to me.

вторник, 10 апреля 2012 г.

Easter Hanmade cards

I wanted so much to do something beautiful for this Easter:)
 It was a nice weekend with a lot of Sun, and I was in a Great Mood for Great things:) I have started these cutties past week and was in a search of ideas for the gift package. It came suddenly and in a very fluent tone. I mean, when I understood what I want, in that very second I new where I'll take all the necessaries from:)
Some free printables from The best site ever:) and a color printer have done it for me.
Just a small update - One of my "not very good" features is to collect a lot of unnecessary stuff. Well, it is necessary at some point, I guess:) I could use those nice ribbons for my Easter cards.
No more words..Just pictures.


воскресенье, 8 апреля 2012 г.

Gradinarit de Florii:)

Ce altceva iti poate incanta sufletul in Duminica Floriilor, in afara de gradina mea de la balcon. Sa mentionez ca "gradina" isi va argumeta titlul in intregime mai pe la sfarsitul verii, dar de ce sa nu fim optimisti de pe acum. Mai ales ca am asa surprize placute ochiului in fiecare dimineata.

Imi ies rosiile, de toate tipurile si felurile. Si eu, ca o prapadita, le si absorb cu ochii zilnic. Fiecare seminta, fiecare puisor.

Din rosiile care au trecut peste iarna( au inghetat, s-au dezghetat si le-am si pus seminta in pamant) deja au si iesit puisori. Daca fac roada din ei anul asta - cred ca ma declar specialist amator in arta balconizarii rosiilor:)

Deci, asa o sa arate la toamna:


Dar pana ce avem asta:

La drept vorbind, nici nu imi imaginam ca o sa fie posibil ca o sa iasa ceva, si cand am vazut ca totusi am reusit, era o fericire de nedescris.

Am in jur de 12 caserole cu diferite seminte, si nu toate imi sar in ochi din prima, iar cand am inceput sa mai rasfoiesc si acele din mai de spate eram FFoarte surprinsa sa vad cu Spanacul "Matador" si-a rupt drumul spre Soare. In momentul de fata este un lider absolut la calitate si cantitate:)

Sincer ma impartas ca nu am pus doar rosii cherry, adica am luat tot ceea c imi placea cum arata in poza:)Poate suna cam prea naiv, dar puisorii de mai jos demonstreaza ca orice e posibil daca tare vrei:)

Revin cu updatari imediat ce observ shimbari majore in acest peisaj:)

четверг, 5 апреля 2012 г.

It's love:)

I let it fall, my heart,
And as it fell you rose to claim it
It was dark and I was over you
Until you kissed my lips and you saved me

My hands, they're strong
But my knees were far too weak,
To stand in your arms
Without falling to your feet

4 a.m.

I was considered to be the lucky owner of the Dream Paradise during the nights. Well, I am no more.
 In mood/no mood/feeling good/feeling bad - I open my eyes at 4 a.m. And it's becoming a problem to close them for 2 more hours.
Any ideas who's fault is that?:)