понедельник, 25 сентября 2017 г.

House of rising Sun

Housing is beleived to be a millenial dream, ours seems to go further away rather than coming closer. But we're strong dreamcatchers, so it won't be long till we 're nesting in a sweet family place of our own.
Till than, my retire plan dream house is ready. It is special, because it is so cozy, calm and exhaling. Murmuring breeze is calling for us, while palpitating food aromas are pulsing within the air.

четверг, 21 сентября 2017 г.

Rescure your Karma

We all know that great team is a team with some common grounds and interests. Our family is known for living mutually in a rescure spirit. I vow for life so it's  pretty hard on me to deal with the end of it.  That's why we like to handle surviving plants.
Let us introduce you to our last addition  - maple tree. It was apealing to us in the market, we just could not pass by. So shy and dry, we had to have it.
With a neverending dream of owning a home in the future, we already bought our first tree. I think it's a solid message to the Universe that we are ready to ground ourselves and be responsable proprietors of some breathing goods as well.
And right now I do really mean plants and trees.
Hopefully, it'll winter its roots in the garden, if not so - I am mastering some knowledge about winter hibernation on the balcony. I even might knit  spme pot covers to warm up our little guest.
Oh.. I do see those beautiful pictures of our groing Maple monster from 50 cm to some huge meters. Be sure I'll share them here if you're around:)

среда, 10 мая 2017 г.

Family Dinner

It was so interesting to observe that the picture with my hub's dinner got more likes on Insta than mine!
At the beginning of our common live it was an issue of ours to be the one who's cooking. But the time passed, we got more and more in love ( smarter actually), I got less free time at home and know the Chief Chef of our dinners is My Love. And so be it.
I might sometimes have a comeback flash, but it 's just for one dish. Just for my cooking skill's sake:)
To my excuse, I do know how to appreciate well a good meal:)