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среда, 30 января 2013 г.

The Return of the Native

 Apparently, all the sinful thoughts might get punished after all.
 And here comes the question: Why hesitate if the payback is anyway waiting at the end of the road?
 Eustacia's wish of doing everything in perfection has led her to an epic fail. She was changing her present for the future. But what a surprise - she did not make it in that future.
Living the moment should enormously preoccupy us instead of just dreaming ecstatic days to come.
 I consider this book an exquisite impulse for us, dreamers, to live, to return to our native feelings and to savor'em.

Catchy quotes from this book:

- Altogether he was one in whom no man would have seen anything to admire, and in whom no woman would have seen anything to dislike.
- On Olympus she would have done well with a little preparation. She had the passions and instincts which make a model goddess  that is, those which make not quite a model woman. Had it been possible for the earth and mankind to be entirely in her gasp for a while, had she handled the distaff, the spindle, and the shears at her own free will, few in the world would have noticed the change of the government.
- Though idle people might call it work, working people would call it play.
- ...where any man could imagine himself to be Adam without least difficulty.
- It was braided according to a calendaristic system: the more important the day the more numerous the strands in the braid. On ordinary working-days she braided it in threes; on ordinary Sundays in fours; at May-polings, gipsying, and in the like she braided it in fives. Years ago she had said that when she married she would braid it in sevens. It was braided in sevens to-day.
- It is bad when your fame outruns your means.
 - There is no use in hating people - if you hate anything, you should hate what product time.
- In the social sphere these gifted ones are mostly women; they can watch a world which they never saw, and estimate forces of which they have only heard. We call it intuition.
 - But if she makes you a good wife, there has never been a bad one.
- How is it that she can be married so soon? - By the will of God and a ready young man, I suppose.
- Though she was no lover of money, she loved what money could bring.
- Single men have, no doubt, a right to curse themselves as much as they please; but men with wives involve two in the doom they pray down.
- In common consсience every man ought either to marry or to go for a soldier.

вторник, 29 января 2013 г.

Grape beading

As far as my hobby can go, I never feel myself limited to anything  So, when this set jumped out in front of my eyes - there was no hesitation. I've grabbed it and gave it a shot. As an apostrophe, I'd like to mention that everything related to grapes - is in my favor:)
This was my first beading work and it came out great. I'm not sure whether I'll continue with beading or that was it, but for now I am very content with the result.
Yay...we have the first-comer to our kitchen wall!!

Grapes in beading)

пятница, 25 января 2013 г.

The Gossip Girl's Finale

Just found out that I've missed the last episode of Gossip Girl. What a tremendous pleasure was to enjoy it now.
It was a discovering era for us, "wine girls", and I'm sure each of us retreived something unbelievable out of this Manhattan's Elite.
Blair and Chuck is all that we could dream about. Her wedding dress is luxuriant breath of delicacy. I am very rejoiced in their relationship and for me love always and forever.
Humphrey and Serena are kind of ment to be together too. 'Cause if we think about it, there was nobody else more acquainted of her dreams and wishes. Serena was in a perpetual search of love never exactly
 knowing how she want that love to be. Now, if a woman is in doubt of her intentions, I'm sure 
there always will be a Humphrey to get a lady back on track. 
Lily and Rufus - didn't get it. Are they still together or who is spending all that van der Woodsen
Nate...oh Nate...there are tones of cutesmartandgorgeous ladies like me out there waiting for you to love'em:)))

понедельник, 21 января 2013 г.

Family moments

      Starting a family nowadays is challenging. It's like starting your own business - people are waiting you to fail. And it's no wonder they might be right. A lot of us are in an endless fight looking for happiness and of course noone is in time to wait. Sometimes we rush into things just for a fake fleeting mirage and that's what makes us fail.
      That to be said, we had plenty of time dating. So, now, living together our family moments, I do appreciate every second of us: we cook, we play, we dance, chat like b*tches and cuddle like for the first time. That's  what makes the *family* work - just enjoying every moment we have.
      Sometimes I'm afraid that my hubs might consider me a little too delightfull about everything inside and outside our home: 'cause I'm like: "Oh, I love our cacti, Oh, it's in blossom" or "Oh, I like our spoons so much, and dishes, and huge fridge" and I can repeat it every day of the week. But, that's just me - I like to savor what we have and I'm thankfull for it.
     As to above, I think we, somehow, found ur symbol. 'Cause there, in the middle, is our first elephant, that my hubs gave me on our first date. He started a tradition back than, not knowing what a great idea it is.
 I love you,
Small one - the first one, wood one - from Sri Lanka, purple one - our Christmas elephant.

воскресенье, 6 января 2013 г.

Family fights

I never expeted to be arguing with my hubs abot who's the Chief and who's cooking today. It's a real lifetime battle of ours. And it's funny...And it's unconceivable...
I like to see my hubby so creative. His cuisine is insperational. Whenever he is in the kitchen - I see the most reckless man ever. It's a dazzling magic we are living in.
Me in the kitchen - it's Big Mama cooking)) I like to take all the fame and place. No help needed ever.I'm the boss over my territory.
And as a result, kind of *our way to go*, is to devide the dishes...And so we do.

Pasta with codfish, celery and ginger.Hubs takes all the credit for it:)
Rice with shrimps and salted cabbage. *I took care of cabbage:)
Placinta. Always and forever on me!!!

четверг, 3 января 2013 г.

Family stories

There are stories to be told...And it's good to begin with the New Year's one.
In the middle of the nature, full of winter and new friends, we've agreed on spending New Year's Eve outside our nest.

We dealed with some decorations:
New Year Colours:)
Got to the destination:
The night of the Year!
Organized some champagne bubbles:
Our  bubble couple)
And some *once in a year* unhealthy and tasty food:
And he promised that bbq is NOT on him...You cannot stay away if you're the best at it:)
And it's New Year already!! Huggs and kisses are aloud!!
Love is in the air...and bbq mist:)
Something New in a new Year...hmm...kind of pleasant but weird kitty...
Everything goes in couples:
Russian winter
I simply adore that view from the windows:

A most welcoming home:

And the biggest dog I've ever seen:
Anybody home?:)
My happy smiling hubby:

My new winter outfit:

New Year and New friends:

New Hobbies:

For both of us:)

And new family:)

Yoga By Equinox

That is the pure balance between mind and body! So graceful, so beautiful.

Yoga is the answer to many questions:)