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вторник, 30 октября 2012 г.

Too much...

I am kinda' having too much.
For the moment at least.
 And in an ordinary life with ordinary people that would be the reason to enjoy, but as I was the only child with a wish of becoming a princess in the childhood, I am living a fairy-tale/scary movie/fantasy story with my monsters who made me weaker then I ever thought myself to be.
And bottom line is our honeymoon completely sober but still high:)

четверг, 25 октября 2012 г.

The Professor:)

The maturity of a person always holds on his experience, the more advances you are in your leavings - the more correct are your life decisions.
A book that performs a male maturation through his life experience into a happy end:)

And some quotes:)

- I put such shifts to be put in practice by those who devise them.

- There is a climax to everything, to every state of feeling as well as to every position in life.- But human nature is perverse.

- That merely proves that you know nothing at all about it, I am my mother’s son, but not my uncle’s nephew.

- I shall now at least see the mysterious garden: I shall gaze both on the angels and their Eden.

- The fitness of a professor is not a matter of age.

-Her mouth touched with turns of sweetness as well as defined in lines of sense.

-Any woman sinking her shaft deep enough will at last reach a fathomless spring of sensibility in thy breast.

-My heart is not plank to be walked on.

-It is not his business to whirl her through the waltz, to feed her with compliments, to heighten her beauty by the flush of gratified vanity.

-She liked to learn, but hated to teach…her success as a teacher rested partly, perhaps chiefly, upon the will of others.

-Human beings – human children especially – seldom deny themselves the pleasure of exercising a power which they are conscious of possessing, even though that power consists in a capacity to make others wretched, a pupil whose sensations are duller than those of his instructor, while his nerves are tougher and his bodily strength perhaps greater, has an immense advantage over that instructor, and he will generally use it relentlessly, because the very young, very thoughtless, know neither how to sympathize nor how to spare.-A ruffle mind makes a restless pillow.

-There is a sort of stupid pleasure in giving child sweets, a fool his bells, a dog a bone.

-It is so that openings are forced into the guarded circle where Fortune sits dealing favors round.

-People who are only in each other’s company for amusement, never really like each other so well, or esteem each other so highly, as those who work together and perhaps suffer together.

Newly Wed:)

A wedding is a Feast for the Bride and an endless day for the Groom. Let's stick to that:)

Wanna get it in the best way possible? Do it yourself!

The best equation in that order would be the Bride in charge and the Groom holding her back.
That's precisely what we did. I've tried to magically get everything booked/ordered and my man was the one in charge of final approve.

1. Wanna a memorable wedding - personalize it. Choose a theme and follow it. We went on  Color.Yes, we had a wedding color and it was in the gowns, in photo-shoot, in decorations and in cake (*mintygreen cake-oh yeahh:)

2. Wanna enjoy it? Lower your expectations. Our wedding motto was: Everything that might go wrong - will go wrong, so why worry? Let yourselves free of any wedding conceptions. Lead the way, but don't pave it with bricks:)

3. And as a desert note - Keep it real. Don't venture too far in the tale, 'cause you might not be the princess after all. Be sure that you'll be an unique bride and if though, there is no need in radical transformations.

It's still you, it's still him and it's always about LOVE:)

вторник, 23 октября 2012 г.


There are trips to remember and there are trips to enjoy. Our trip to Odessa is to remember with a lot of joy.

We'll remember the unforgettable architecture of walk-able streets, the Sea wind blowing in our faces and restaurants with inviting aromas.

 I could call it the city of walk. To the left, to the right, towards and backwards - everything is to be called a sightseeing.

Make sure to reserve the whole weekend for it and do not use any Restaurant guide, go for surprise and not for opinion:)

*Note: Still to visit with my love...

Unseen to see:)
Standard picture:)
@ Kompot
Random colors:)
Breakfast time:)

Way to go:)
Scarlet letter
School bus
Bazaar souk:)
Good advise:)
This is it:)

пятница, 19 октября 2012 г.

Picknick with friends:)

New friends each weekend? Why not:)
 I enjoy it so much, that it's crossing my mind to never stop doing it:)
A fish picknick on City's birthday?Yeah.
Vegetables, fish and smiles - Yeah:)
I'm def 'gonna visit *Club Turistic* on my comebacks here:)) That's a promise.

Corn Power:)
Holiday Decorations:)
Building the City:)
Mr. Big:)
Mr. Big in two half's:)

четверг, 18 октября 2012 г.

среда, 17 октября 2012 г.

Wine Festival)

Going to Wine Festival with mom is like going on a shoe-shopping with Manolo Blanik, you get all the best:)
This Year's Wine Festival was much better, and you know why? Not so much wine for free and for tasting.It's getting on a higher level and no drunker in the streets.
Me like it:)

Tighina Visit

The one that I have to remember..Not that it was my choice. But anyway, great company, smile on every face, good drink and good jokes - a mixture that never fails:)
It was inappropriate to see some cautions on the Church door, like *no wedding gown allowed* and all the Soviet architecture in vogue:)
I liked the fortress, thought it was small and mostly nothing to see except the great view from the walls:)
Yoga time anytime:)
by Mihai Stavila;)
Earing: from my viking.
 Picture by Mihai Stavila.
I'm your Commander:)
Time to take a nap:)
Cutie me:)
Far away...

среда, 10 октября 2012 г.

Popenchi children

I thought that would be a major challenge in my life... But it wasn't. Maybe I'm coldhearted from now on or just careless, but I was not moved. I liked to play with children, to talk to them, but that was only with those who were coming voluntary near me and eager to participate. I didn't like the atmosphere of a jail and that angry look in their eyes make me realize that it's not a happy place to be. I cannot deny the pettiness of the situation but I am there where the hope is. And here it was almost missing...
Homeless Huckleberry Finn
Everyone needs somebody to love:)
Popenchi's gang
Remember me?

It's me:)
Don't leave
Last pic of the day:)
P.S. Thank's to all of you, who could share a little bit of something for all of these children.It's always a great cause!!!