вторник, 27 августа 2013 г.

Cultural weekednd

Although I planned to be prepared when coming to see the Pre-Raphaelites, but it occured so unexpected  that of course and as always my Wikipedia guide was my hubs. *Especially when there was a review article about this exibition in Playboy last month:) Nothing about that in Cosmo though:(

Of course we'be been impressed by Ophelia and magnified by Proserpine.

Much enjoyed:)
As no pictures were aloud, this is the only one I could snap:)

Everything else is just frome that hue awesome museum of Art:)

пятница, 23 августа 2013 г.

TV killed the radio Star

My pretty intuitive husband baught me a while agoa new cellphone. And it's The one - I mean finally the phone answers completely to my expectations and it is easy to manage:)
And with all of its usability, yesterday we started a dispute- weather I should load some movies on it in order to watch them afterwards on my wayback home from my work (usually it takes 1 h and a half).
And I said NO...A big huge NO! And my point is - if I'll watch movies, I'll be deprived of book reading. This is almost the only time I use for reading paper books.
 And I do cherish and value my time with my books.

четверг, 8 августа 2013 г.

Life through the lense

Randome pictures of my day by day life flow))

My hubs amazed me after parting for a while)

As he sais, our Kalanchoe is so fertile, that it will soon root in his beard))

Hope to get'em chilly enough))

Sometimes we don't like to copmplicate))


Love is

Kitty lunch

I've decided that my models need to be healthy, so it ain't a bother for me to feed'em))

P.S. Planning to do this systematically)

I see you!))

7 a.m. beauty))