четверг, 26 июля 2012 г.

LogOut ideas:)

Pretty nice place for a neat day off aith the fire place and bbq:)
It's worthing at least having a look at Poiana Bradului.

The right way to go:)
Mrs. Grace itself:)

A little bit about everything:)

понедельник, 23 июля 2012 г.

Throught time of love:)

Back in 1874:
That minute's interval has broughtthe blood beating in her face, set her stinging as is aflame to the very hollows of her feet, and enlarged emotion to a compass which quite swamped thought.It had brought upon her a stroke, resulting, as did that of Moses in Horeb, in a liquid stream-here a stream of tears.She felt like one who has sinned a great sin.
The circumstance had been the gentle dip of Troy's mouth downwards upon her own.He had kissed her.

– Нет! – вскрикнула Би, но его лицо исказилось, руки вцепились в ее длинные волосы, а губы прильнули к ее губам в долгом, настойчивом поцелуе.

Би сопротивлялась изо всех сил. Ее маленькие кулачки колотили по мощным плечам Леона, а когда это не помогло, Би вонзила ногти в его шею сзади. Леон отпрянул, потом свободной рукой схватил верхнюю часть ее платья. Мгновение – и платье было спущено к ее талии. Его рука в это время завладела ее твердеющим соском.


We have new DIY project that is so veryawesome and I was waiting for a long time to participate in something lik that:)
Stay tuned:)
The Beginning:)

Home Gardening:)

We are small and pretty:)
Mici da' voinici:)

четверг, 19 июля 2012 г.

love it!!

It took 24 hours to get it from Italy to Moldova, and it'll take at least 24 hours to be delivered to me within Chisinau. That's a piece of country we have here!!

вторник, 17 июля 2012 г.

Fishing means fish)

For those who bother to not concieve it that way - we do fish for fish:)) And for fun:)

Me like us:)

Lovely in love:)

Going green:)

That's what we have for the moment:)
Only Green so far)
My smallies:)

If it's rain, it's Football)

It was hell of a Rain outside and we've got free football tickets. Who could have said no? Not me:))

Evening Colours:)



It's gettin hot in here!

четверг, 12 июля 2012 г.

Tomatoes wealth)

My cutties are showing off with some great flowers this year:)
Accordingly to the pictures, I have diferent pulp types, thus hoping to get different blossoms:)
First ones:)

вторник, 10 июля 2012 г.

среда, 4 июля 2012 г.


Randomly taken pictures during the last few days...A lot of Grace and Relaxation:)
Whiskey and babies:)          


Eternal moments

My babies are in blossom. The first one I saw yesterday. I was so enormously happy. It's an inexplicable pleasure to see them feeling well and gifting me such moments. I was babysitting them from the very beginning and these flower mean a lot for me as a Planty Mommy:)

вторник, 3 июля 2012 г.

Mind fishing...

    In a complete silence our father-daughter relationship rises above everything else.
We like to go outside the busyness of the home place and get in touch with our peaceful side. We like fishing, mostly because it involves our physics without bothering our mind. It is a moment of divine relaxation and we enjoy it every time (even if it happens only twice a year).
Last noisy weekend proved that there are some people meant to dominate every place, even if it's nature forces we are bringing in discussion.
Well, our fishing time will get more personal from now on and there will be some great amendments to team enlargement.
Dad in action:)