Cheeky Quotes

понедельник, 29 июня 2015 г.

Reality TV outcome

I totally deserve to be called a Reality Tv show  freak. It's my obsession. Kind of a new one, since I get online streaming from Internet.
And it's ok. You know why? That's my English *balsamic oil*. Goes with everything, all the time and make the process smoothier:)
I listen and catch a lot of modern life updates with terms straight away in English. How cool is that?
And that is my one and only advice for those in need of English lessons, get whatever you love and like in English. I mean you're gonna spend this time on your hobbies anyway, so why not to do it in English?
Well, lately,  I cought some sticky expressions from a Brit Cook on a boat. I even put them in my notebook - That's how crazy I am!

- When you put all these pees in a pot.
- I am slightly *apulled* by their eating habbits.
- I'm gonna meet her half way. I'm gonna please the old girl.
- Absolute pleasure.
- You can always put a fun twist to simpl things.

Of course my hubs is aware of these preferences of mine and he goes even deeper. It was so thoughtfull of him to buy some of my fav chocolates alongside the ones he took for him.
Never stop being amazed of an unlimited LOVE!
Luvik luvik!

четверг, 4 июня 2015 г.

Impromptu Bike Marathon

We finally got our bikes ready. I mean someone did for us:) But well, it's worth it if that's somebody else's headache and you just pick it up done.
Opening season for bike rides was late in the evening, work after, with a complete rain waterfall on our heads. 3 min ride from the train station to our home made us wetty&sweaty. Good warm bath made all the cares fade away.
Coming back to the Marathon. Actually, I headed ourselves to Okhotny for a skirt and as my hubs said, why not make a short trip with the bikes in the City Center of Great old Moscow.
And while doing our short trip we felt kind of lonely, 'cause some main streets were empty and BOOOM! thouthands of bikes came across. Like, OH YEAR, what's that and Why we are not making part of it? So we did. For a while. As it was in the opposite direction of our purpuse shopping place, we turned back soon after.
DEF, for the first time I've seen so many people on bikes. I never've seen so many people in a Subway at the same time.So many! What a feeling of belonging to smth HUGE:)
Marvelous DAY!
Love my LOVE and mesmerized by my HAPPY life!