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понедельник, 25 мая 2015 г.

Baby blanket - Patchwork - first try!

I have that desire for so long, but never with the motive. Now I've got a godson and time limit, so I had to deal with it. It seemed to be the perfect present.
I took a friend for fabric shopping and I think it was the craziest shopping ever. We debated for 2 hours over the selected colors, main theme and prints. I would call this the hardest part of all. So many ideas, and just one blanket!:))
My hubs did all the calculations with the measurements I've given him. I had a few days for cutting the pieces. And here I understood that 10*10 cm is too small and my next work will be out of bigger squares.
I never new how much time it will take to get it all sewed, but one full day was enough. We puzzled with the squares at the begenning, took pictures (to know which one goes where) and I started sewing.
It was a funny tiresome work full of pleasure. Of course I have commited a mistake, but it looks even funnier this way:)
I love the result and the idea that it's so unique.
So much more to come!

вторник, 12 мая 2015 г.

Outta home for Fun

We had our first experience with Puppy Ayla going out for 2 days in a complete different scene. She handled it with a chilling grace. First Subway drive, first car drive - just sleeping in the arms of my hubs.
She does barks at the strangers approaching us though. Real little defender as she is!:)
Of course she as a little bit to *starve jumping* at everything that smelled food and we had to cut her short of it, but it was pleasant memory afterall.
It was for the first time that I turned into a complete control freak, as I had to monitor were she was each moment, 'cause it's def not the time to let her unobserved even for a second. I'm a poppy momy in transition:)
I've got napkings, food, plates, water...a lot to consider in a trip with a 4 months old puppy:)
We've got it all when someone we love is concerned.
Love, puppy kisses and hugs!