пятница, 14 февраля 2014 г.

Love stream!

Our Temple of Love got a *little* flooded yesterday, but it was cool bonding time.
We realised that it is a lot of fun to share *creepy unconfortable moments like that together.
And it's a hug that takes it all away afterwards.

Keep loving! It's the best you can do in life:)

понедельник, 3 февраля 2014 г.

Hobby tailoring.

Being properly addicted to my New Year's wishes, I've made my weekends devoted to some tailoring stuff. Whether it's adjustment of some old thing, restyling or even creating new ones, I make sure something is done.
As I've got plenty of fabrics last year, I thought it's about time to incorporate it into some winter outfits. So I began with a jacket out from faux fur.
It's winter and with some easy-teasy satin blouse it would be perfect in the office.
Initially, I thought I'lle ask my hubs to cut the fabrics, but he was working and I didn't want to leave till evening.
So I began...this torture. I've injured my fingers pretty well with small scissors and that is why I am DEF! going to purchase some tailoring once. It hurts and it's ugly. God Bless my jacket worth it:)
It came out a little bit bulky, but the scene is looking quite messy and unrepeatable and a waist belt could emphasize just fine.
Some knitted hooks will update the item as well.
At the beginning:)