среда, 30 октября 2013 г.

Yandex office

On our way for picking up the English Classics Pinguin Books I've oredered, we couldn't pass by The Yandex Office.
My hubbs was highly amazed by their bike-parking and that is mostly what got him to basically  pull me over there.
Me was amazed by the light, the youth vibe  and by the smiles. People were getting outside smiling. And that is a heroical feature over here - to smile and be happy!
And how could one not be happy to work for a great company in a group of young and restless people, with a dope office, pool table in the chill-out area and funky horses on the office lown.

четверг, 17 октября 2013 г.

Russian thought rides

1. - "С" как доллар.
    - "Эйч" как стульчик.
    - "В" как галочка.
2. I thought we are the same, but believe me, we are NOT! I do feel like I've been born on another continent. And the most interesting and abnocsious fact is that sometime, interantionally aplicable rules are stated for nothing here.
When I've made my credit card, I was asked by the bank to present the official translation into russian, to be translated in English afterwards with mistakes. I mean - WHY???
3. And people do not smile in Metro, at all. and I've even heard a comment about it on Moscow FM (russian radio station where everybody speaks in English) and they've noticed that people in Moscow Metro look like they have *poop* on their upper lip))).

And still. my home is where my husband is...so I like it here:)))

вторник, 8 октября 2013 г.

Overwhelming dissapointment

Tryin' to gain more space in our flat, we moved our bicycles out of it, to the doorway on our floor, attached with a lock, obviously.
And I was devastated, when I found out in the middle of the night that some *bastards* were tryin' to steal them last night. Damn, I thought those days were over!!! We leave on 17th floor, with a code lock on the main entrance, and still some people were following us to get to those bikes(.
I am still under bad spirits about it. But I am thankfull that they just ran away and noone got injured, except one lock - that was just cut off in two(and it took some time fot them to deal with it and some noise - that's how my husband heard them).
So, here we are back together...again...me, my hubs and our 4 bikes)