четверг, 30 июля 2015 г.

Drinking in family

It's Summer. And so to speak, drinking habbits are changing. At least for me. As to my love, he's in Tea Ceremony as always.
I do love to make some homemade fruit juices. Of course, smothies are the best, but it's more of a meal than beverage to me:)
So here is a little of our every day drinking party.

среда, 29 июля 2015 г.

Morning horror

After 36 h without electricity, and all thoughts messed up in my mind with concerns of daily habitat and praying for not forgetting anything at home for work and vice versa, I endeavoured into "20 Great american short stories" on my way to work.
Today's reading began with "What was it?" by Fitz-James O'Brien. I read, slept, I got agitated when I realised I am reading a horror story at 7 a.m. Wow. It was interesting. Not fully awaken, I got chills up my spine. But blurry ones. I still kind of was sleeping:)
Nice story though. Never liked the horror stories, but they have some new emotionally impact on me that early in the morning.
And if you know me, you I'm all about new sensations!

вторник, 28 июля 2015 г.

Catching the Sun bathing

This Summer is weird in temperature. Where's the hotness of the air? Anyone?
So, each Sunny second we try to get on bike and go biking with Isla. Still have to do some more catches of Isla running by my hub's bike.
Oh, by the way, she was named after Isla Fisher, that's why I no longer spell her as Ayla:)
This being said, we found some small ponds near our place and checked them out last weekend. As long as no drunkers are around it's pretty cute, but it's a small area for Sunbathing and too many people knowing of it. Hopefully, next time we'll get more intelligent people hanging around.

Back to photo, back to love

Having 2 cameras dusting all year around, I've decided to grab'em more often and snap some shots once in a while. Just for family memories. And of course, with a new model in town, it's becoming even more challenging.
I am no closer to affirm that she's the best at posing, but I'm perseverent and she has plenty of free time:)
We're about to get better both in photo and in posing!

понедельник, 6 июля 2015 г.

Miley Cyrus ft Rock Mafia - The Big Bang [Official Music Video] HD


Some people like to talk
But I'm into doing,
What I feel like doing,
When I'm inspired.

Being fed up with excuses made me chill through years. And it's so comforting!

Luvik Luvik!