понедельник, 28 апреля 2014 г.

Giving is Recieving

All the information in world reaches you when it's time and you are ready for it. And that's what I'm convincing myself day by day.
What a great lesson I recieved last week at our Yoga Center.
A woman full of female energy will be completed and satisfied in life, marriage and work. Those who lack a part of these three, should increase their female energy. And how can you do this? By giving! Giving, your time, your devotion and your soul to other people...without any concern.
And believe me, if we take case by case of happy married women, you'll see that they're definetely great givers.
And those in need will arise with a question? What to give? How? Where?
My granny never asked these questions: She was a great giver from the bottom of her heart! The only person of that kind I've ever know. And what is even more impressive - she made me also a great giver. Back in my childhood, I was seldomly asked by her to go outside and give candies to children (my grandma's home was near the school and after the school day was finished, pupils were coming by her house). I didn't like it back then. I was so ashamed. And now - I think this was the greatest gift she could ever made to me.
Her instincts were right. She was never related to yoga, but I think some life rules are applied worldwide.
 So you do not have to be *someone* to share and give.
 Just be a simple person with a good energy.
By the way, I think *giving* is in our case genetical and runs in the family. My mom is always taking care of the poor people, she feeds them, gives them clothes (it's even funny to come home sometimes and see people wearing my clothes), gives them some simple work around the house to make them feel important and to understand that they can earn rightfully their money.
My level of giving resumes to feeding coworkers:) From the first day of my work, I bake pies and bring them to work. There was major confusion about whether it's my birthday or some holiday related to pie bringing, but they've came along. I don' need a reason to share a pie. I love seeing people eating the stuff I've cooked.


вторник, 8 апреля 2014 г.

Gold*n*Silver adjustment

Really loved this black PROMOD skirt, but it appeared to be to shirt for my benting nature. So half a year after the shopping, I've came around the appropriate adjustment.
Really have to reconsider my boduir design:))That luggage has to go!

First Sun

Yep! Finally got to show my first try ever. 1/2 Sun skirt. Simple as it is.

Now it's time to Shine, Shine, Shine!!!

Nevermind the hair though...it's 6 in the morning:)

среда, 2 апреля 2014 г.

Cafe au Lait

I oversleeped today. So it took me 5 min to grab smth on me and get out the door. Few hours afterwards I've realised that the skirt 'm wearing is also made by me.
Sohere we are. A little bit of inspiration and the skirt is ready:)

P.S. This skirt could be done in a million  colors and it still would come out differrent each time:)