четверг, 12 мая 2016 г.

Los Criollas Colchagua Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2014

New week, reds are having good wins in a row, and red wine is anprehensive within the circumstances.
Let's see what can we find about los Criollas on the internet:

Simple, well-balanced taste of the wine shows a light astringency that does not distract from the soft fruit and spicy tones. Sweetish aftertaste enveloping warmth and leaves a feeling of harmony.
Aroma The first to appear in the wine aroma notes of earth, which then join the shades of colors, cherry, black currant and sweet spice.
Gastronomy The wine will pair to aged cheeses, red meat and chocolate.

Above all, I do miss intensity and rawness of our native wines. At the beginning of my great departure, everything tasted plane and still, but now let's say I redefined my taste senses. I am greatly used to a good impact of the tannis during a wine tasting, but now, I feel it mostly in the aftertaste. 

Unfortunately, I did not resumed my review exactly after the tasting occured and no notes were taken (need to improve that), so that all first impression mainly are lost. But, a few days ago I agreed on a last drop of this red liquid, and believe me, sometimes a good long breath makes miracles. I was devastated with a great note of fresh red strawberries. Imagine my pleasant shock.

Above all, a middle class wine with all right angles, still young (or I am used to some more bodiness), vivid ruby color, that will beautify the spirit in time with some brick-note affinities. 

I vow for some more sparkles in my imagination while tasting it, but that's can be more of a whim.

Girl will never be tired of Dreaming:)