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понедельник, 17 января 2011 г.

воскресенье, 16 января 2011 г.

Добровольно-принудительное призвание)

Как только найдёте ключ к Chronos 4.1 - немедленно дайте мне знать, а то вот возьму ещё и хакером стану.

четверг, 13 января 2011 г.


Three good things about yesterday:
1.I began to dream again.
2.I've done a new sweet yellow "Road pillow".
3.It was a great "treesome" at a beer(it always is)))))))

воскресенье, 9 января 2011 г.

– Позволь мне поведать о своих печалях, мон ами. Вино и женщины – наихудшие из идолов, которым может поклоняться мужчина.
– По этой причине французы стремятся жениться и возделывать виноград, Болидар.
Приди во сне, не изменить судьбы,
Поговори со мною
Тихо, нежно,
Как много лет назад, как прежде.
Кристина Росетти

четверг, 6 января 2011 г.


Three good things recently happened to me:
1. A couple of our guests decided to stay e few more days, after I put some glasses with juice on their breakfast table.(Yesterady I've fried some mushrooms for'em, got one more day in plus of their presence).
2. I've got a HUGE box of food presents just because I'm a talking persons. A lot of our guests are looking for some good dialogue.
3. I've got 20 more Euros (as a tip, I guess) from the same person this morning just because I shared my Huge box with all of the stuff from the hotel, when he previously mentioned that it was only for one person(mee))).

Remember: What goes around, comes around)))

понедельник, 3 января 2011 г.

Little women)))

New year came with the new finish of a book, I've started a few months ago))

All my hopes where devastated and there is only one phrase from this very book, that could describe it properly))

-         On some occasions women, like dreams, go by contraries.

 And as I'm always the "putting all good thoughts down" person I've got a bunch for you. Hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

Great book for great people. 

Good Wives

Luisa May Alcott

-         Live and love are very precious when both are in full bloom.
-         Growing womanly in character, wise in housewifely arts, and prettier than ever; for love is a great beautifier.
-         So she gave her morning to duty, her afternoons to pleasure, and prospered finely.
-         Jo felt herself a woman of means.
-         A full-grown woman – not beautiful, but possessed of that indescribable charm called grace.
-         You are not made  wise by experience, I hope?
-         You’ve got a treasure, young man, see that you deserve it.
-         Genius is eternal patience. Michael Angelo
-         Genius took to burning.
-         Fame is a very good thing to have in the house, but cash is more convenient.
-         A kiss for a blow is always best.
-         But these small flames were as brief as ardent.
-         She would not ask him to stay at home, but felt injured because he did not know that she wanted him without being told.
-         Men are very selfish, even the best of them, so are women; don’t blame John till you see where you are wrong yourself.
-         A woman’s happiest Kingdom is home, her highest honor – the art of ruling it, not as a queen, but a wise wife and mother.
-         Short answers save troubles.
-         Polish up my talents, and be an ornament to society.
-         It’s wicked to throw away so many good gifts because you can’t have the one you want.
-         Wise old books, which seemed rich in good and comfortable words, as applicable now as when written centuries ago.
-         Nothing seemed impossible in the beginning.
-         He had plenty of money and nothing to do, and Satan is proverbially fond of providing employment for full and idle hands.
-         Grief is the best opener for some hearts.
-         Mothers have need of sharp eyes and discreet tongues when they have girls to manage.
-         He lets me read his heart, and I find it full of noble impulses and hopes and purposes, and am so proud to know it’s mine.
-         You may be a little older in years, but I’m ever so much older in feeling. Woman always are.
-         Honesty in the best policy in love as in law.
-         On some occasions women, like dreams, go by contraries.

Freaky sticky presents))

Un mic cadou ce nu poate fi supus descrierii) Dar e funny))