среда, 17 сентября 2014 г.

Arthur Hailey "Airport"

On a personal level, another report said that Joe Patroni made love to his wife,
Marie, most nights, the way other men enjoyed a pre-dinner drink. This was true. In
fact, he had been thus engaged when the telephone message came from the airport
about the mired Aéreo-Mexican jet which TWA had been asked to help extricate.
The same rumor continued: Patroni made love the same way he did everything
else––with a long, thin cigar stuck jauntily in the side of his mouth. This was untrue,
at least nowadays. Marie, having coped with several pillow fires during their early
years of marriage––drawing on her training as a TWA air hostess to extinguish them––
had emphatically forbidden any more cigars in bed. Joe complied with the edict
because he loved his wife. He had reason to. When he married her, she was probably
the most popular and beautiful hostess in the entire airline system, and twelve years
and three children later she could still hold her own with most successors. There were
some who wondered aloud why Marie––who had been pursued ardently by captains
and first officers––had ever chosen Joe Patroni at all. But Joe, even as a young
maintenance foreman, which he was when they met, had a way with him, and had
kept Marie satisfied––in all important ways––ever since.

More and more in love with this book:)

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пятница, 5 сентября 2014 г.

Flower Family

My house is in full BLOSSOM. And it is so welcoming and eyespoiling. Each day new emotions with each new flower.
We love flowers and what could be a better payback than a blossom:)
Love Love!!

My hubs children:)

Hubby's pepper:)

среда, 3 сентября 2014 г.

20 min skirt

I am very delighted to share this short overview of my sweet skirt I made yesterday in 20 min. It was a cut off from a dress that appeared to be too short for me, so it took me 1 year to figure out how to transform it in the best way possible.
After a quick search in Pinterest I got the idea of what I want.
So here we are:)

I am so happy with the result!!! Easy wearing and goes to a lot of my stuff:)
P.S. recently I descovered that I might be interested in some patchwork, so the left over from the dress will be also in use!