понедельник, 25 января 2016 г.

Amigurumi bunny

My sweet Orangina is done!
Started as a cute Amigurumi bunny and came up as a Big Stuffed Rabbit. I become to like Amigurumi toys. Let's finish my table cloth and then go back to some toys for some sweet children.
Peacefull weekend with a lovely husband and a sweet pet family around is all I need to have a creative time.


четверг, 21 января 2016 г.

Unconditional hobbies

Doing smth by the will of someone, or restricted by rules, time or conditions may not ever work for me. I believe I do what I want and whenever I want. But, I enstrusted myself with the idea of ending things before starting another ones.
That's why I'm working on my rabbit-doll now without making myself busy with some other guddies.
And in the process of making it look good not only in person, but to document the process as well, I do it step by step.
Proudly, I have all pices done, just need to catch some daylight at home in order to make some pretty pictures for you.
And yesterday, in a conversation with a friend of mine, we finalized the idea of the eyes for my knitted toy. Of course www.pinterest.com is the best with everything, specially in the DYI. My choise was on these ones.
But aside my handmade hobby, I have another beauties to work on. And this are my flowers. Yesterday, a thought crossed my mind, flowers do need a lot of time and your energy, as everything else you do for pleasure.
But it all pais in the end.
Go give some love and water to your flowers and have a nice day full of colors!

понедельник, 11 января 2016 г.

I have a feeling!

"I have a feeling", continued Francie, "that 1917 will be more important than  any year we've ever had."
"You say that about every year," claimed Neely."First, 1915 was going to be the most important. Then 1916, and now, 1917."
"It will be important. For one thing, in 1917, I'll be sixteen for real instead of just in the office.
"A tree grows in Brooklyn." Betty Smith.
I have a feeling that every and each year that comes, will be more important. Because it's ahead of us, it's with the new beginnings and new dreams to achive.
And of course I have a resolution, believe or not, just one - To be happy will all of my successes. Because life's going by so fast that sometimes we forget to enjoy how great it is.
And on that great note - check this out! My TUCAN is over. Like really "in frame over"!!!
Please don't ask me how long it took, how was the work-process and etc. I have so many memories and feeling attached to it, that I've just decided to enjoy it.

Sure, my hands are on smth new. Have gone so far already.