понедельник, 24 октября 2016 г.

Sir Lancelot's dress

- In a long red waistcoat who used to come among the fashion with dogs on several strings, and try to sell one to his mother : King Charles spaniels, Italian greyhounds, afiecrionate to hei crinoline — you never saw them now.
- There were his pet bronzes — a Cleopatra with the asp at her breast; a Socrates ; a greyhound playing with her puppy ; a strong man reining in some horses.

  I was very surprised to find that italian greyhounds were mentioned in Galsworthy's The Forsyte Saga. I mean, wow, that is so colossal, now, that we have one. It will also be encouraging to find a book, where ridgbacks are mentioned, but that will be another story for some other day.
  Althought our Sir Lancelot is destined to be brought up as a ferocious male, he is so affectionate, sociable and good-natured that of course  as a rigorous knitter I decided to warm him up.
  As a rule, I don't use any pattern and do it just as it goes. And it works. This time I triple-threaded the vest, so it's a bit heavy for him at the moment and he feels unstable in it, but my boy will get on with it as soon as cold days will hit him.
Lancelot even was so  merciful, that he agreed to pose for a few seconds while I was trying to picture my work and before the camera died because of the battery.
Our sweet male of the family gives you XOXO.

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