среда, 19 октября 2016 г.

Creative sale shopping

Living in a big city makes you run on a constant bases. I really enjoy it, because I get to do a million things and hobbies on my runs.
On the other side, it quite personalized my style and way of handling things. For ex, I don't have time for a planned quality shopping, that's why my running tracks are mostly on the same path, and whenever a sale gets in my view spot, I run into it.
I love sale, because it's a way of getting a good priced item that you'll most likely will transform and won't be sorry in case you fail.
Thus I keep my creative hobbies on fire and it's a great boost of energy, when you pick up smth and already know what you want to make out of it.
I avoid to consider myself a trendy person, or the one who handles well the style. I am all about comfort. So here is my point for this blog post, of course I get mostly dresses that are too short for my taste and sometimes for my legs as well.
I have a few cool refreshed dresses that I need to picture on a Sunny day, but also I have a few ones, that I don't seem to wish to update.
Here comes my new obession. Long sleeveless vest. One is on a knitting project in a moment and if all comes admirable. I'll go on with some of my further ideas with crocket vests.
In case you wonder, I took some inspiration from pinterest. But the main treasured ideas came from WAGS LA. I just followed some curvy chicks that know how to shape themselves miraculously in a fabric.

Wait and see...me in a vest.

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